Speed Up WordPress Site Performance Step by Step Guide to Increase WordPress Site Speed in 20 Mins

Googles recent & lately increasing emphasize over website speed make it an important factor when it comes to organic rankings. As per google own announcement in 2010 regarding website speed as a ranking factor, websites that are fast will get better ranking in Google SERPS. Recent initiative of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has just reaffirmed Googles stance over website speed.




A Freelance Way of Life

Consider this scenarioI got a call from a client looking for SEO services for his E-Commerce website. After a detailed discussion for about 30 mins, he asked me to send him the proposal, fee structure, etc. Next day I sent him the details and within an hour of sending email, I received a call from him. He told me that he read my proposal and it’s good and I should revise my charges, etc. the usual you know. But then he asked me that when I sent him the ‘new charges’, I should have also sent him the detailed info about what areas I would target on the site, what would be my strategy and how I implement them.

Search Marketing


How To Do SEO for E-commerce Websites A Complete Guide to E-commerce SEO for Better Rankings

We are living in a search marketing era where we divide our E-commerce Search Marketing strategies in two timelines i.e. “before Panda” & “after Panda”. Since we were told from the very beginning that content is the king therefore we still focuses a lot on content optimization when we talk about SEO of any website. But it’s not as simple as it sounds, specifically in case of the E-commerce websites SEO & Googles Panda.

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