Speed Up WordPress Site Performance Step by Step Guide to Increase WordPress Site Speed in 20 Mins

Googles recent & lately increasing emphasize over website speed make it an important factor when it comes to organic rankings. As per google own announcement in 2010 regarding website speed as a ranking factor, websites that are fast will get better ranking in Google SERPS. Recent initiative of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has just reaffirmed Googles stance over website speed.



How To Do SEO for E-commerce Websites A Complete Guide to E-commerce SEO for Better Rankings

We are living in a search marketing era where we divide our E-commerce Search Marketing strategies in two timelines i.e. “before Panda” & “after Panda”. Since we were told from the very beginning that content is the king therefore we still focuses a lot on content optimization when we talk about SEO of any website. But it’s not as simple as it sounds, specifically in case of the E-commerce websites SEO & Googles Panda.

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